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File Manager Guide

From your game panel, press "File Manager." You can now access all of the files for your server.* To select a file or folder, click on the tick box to the left of the appropriate item's name. To open a folder, click on the name of the folder. To exit a folder, click the "..." next to the up arrow icon. Clicking on the name of the file will download the file to your computer.

The "Action" tab can be used to rename files and folders, unzip archives, and edit text files. This is useful for modifying files on your server without having to download them, edit them, and then reupload.

"Upload" can be used to transfer single files to the server. If you need to transfer a folder, or multiple files, compress the folder or files into a single .zip archive, and then upload that. Once the file is uploaded, you can unzip it.

"New File" can create any basic text document, such as most server configuration files. Be sure to select the proper encoding, and save it with the appropriate extension. If you are unsure as to how the file should be formatted, check with a guide for whatever server, plugin, etc. you are using. "New Folder" is straightforward; it makes a new folder with the name you prescribe.

"Zip Files" can compress any files or folders you have selected into an archive, for faster downloading. If you are making a backup this way, it is recommended that you only select the files and folders you need, such as configurations, world data, etc., and not generic files, such as server executables and modpacks, which can easily be reinstalled.

"Delete Files" will immediately destroy the files you have selected. To use this feature, please make sure your game server is off in your game panel screen. Note that deleted files cannot be recovered, and we are not responsible for data damage or loss.

* Exceptions include configurations that contain paid options.

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